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    Importance of regular servicing

    Most vehicle manufacturers recommend regular service intervals on their various models. The intervals are generally linked to the number of miles driven and/or the age of the vehicle. Regular servicing helps to keep your vehicle in a good condition and can assist in its running efficiency. It also assists in the prevention of break down and identifies the need for replacing parts before they become hazardous (changing of brake pads, brake discs, timing belts, etc...). At Dinneck Garage, we have a comprehensive database of most vehicles detailing what is required at each service interval. Obviously, it is your choice as to what level of service you want, but if you are in any doubt we will be happy to advise you based on the manufacturers recommendations.

    What is an MOT?

    We issue MOT certificates on behalf of and according to the standards set out by the Ministry of Transport. Although an MOT test includes structural checks, it also includes visual checks that are carried out without removing any parts. That is why some issues with your vehicle might only be noticed during a service.

    Although we do send out MOT reminders, please remember that it is your responsibility that your vehicle has a valid MOT.

    Vehicle classes

    IV:  passenger vehicles – most of our customers’ cars

    V:   passenger vehicles with more than 13 seats 

    VII: goods vehicles over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg (DGW) 


    We choose to get rid of our waste in an environmentally conscious and friendly way. As we believe this is in everyone’s interest, we charge our customers small amounts for disposing of old tyres, waste fluids (oils, coolants, etc..), filters and batteries.